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The one on habit

I would like – so much – to share with you many of my thoughts and opinions on several topics, and I seem to have trouble finding a good way of introducing simply these things that I have been working on for so long. I have some of your questions up my sleeve, and I hope to surprise you (and myself) with a long interesting article in the upcoming week, that has nothing to do with this one. Meanwhile, I’d like to start a series of 5 short (I promise) articles to present the 5 basic reasons why people are not vegan – to be distinguished from excuses*.

  1. Habit

Do you ever question things you do in your daily life, that were taught to you by your beloved family, or your school ? Surely you must disagree sometimes. If you are questioning social constructs, at some point you must be questioning your habit of eating dead animals. You can certainly find many self-development ressources about changing your habits efficiently, if that is your issue* * *.

Addictions (mainly to sugar and/or dairy products) may be a bit more difficult to overcome, but in my own experience with both, it does not take long when you truly believe in what you advocate. In the past, I have already tried eating less, or differently, and it was never 100% fructuous as it only involved my own health and my own esthetics. I am no superhuman. But just as for not eating a human corpse, once I know the impact I have, and the amount of victims it involves (even if morally it only takes one), it became almost automatic. When I was tempted by a wonderful desert, it only took a second or two to remind myself of everything it took to make that desert.


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