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The one on ignorance

Before you start reading another of my “judgemental” posts, I would like to make my intentions with this blog a bit clearer. Disclaimer, right. I don’t want to “veganize” you. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want you to have the same opinions as mine. I also don’t want to lie to you (anymore). I want to make you think, or react. I want to inform you. I want to give you my opinions, so that you know me better. You are as much allowed to learn and to accept, as you are to refute or to ignore what I have to say. Don’t expose yourself only to information that aligns with your opinions.

My blog is not neutral or moderated, and will never be. The essence of it is my own lust for revolutions. However, my intention is not to traumatize, to provoke or to shock. (So no pictures or descriptions of suffering animals. Never.) I am well-aware of the reasons why veganism is more controversial to you than other upcoming topics.

I also don’t expect ANYTHING from you. With this blog, I guess I am the giver. I don’t expect any responses, because usually I already know or imagine how you feel. I don’t expect any change in your behaviour. The reason I shared this blog with you is because I finally trust – immensely – in our friendship and I know that political opinions are not enough to change that, from your point of view and definitely not from mine either. As I said, I most probably already know how you feel, and I still respect and love you. The fact that you become better informed people does not change that whatsoever. If I was afraid to share it before, it was precisely for this reason : I was afraid that once I informed you, I would be disappointed in you (you know, I would “think you are a bad person”. It is all so much more complicated than this simple statement!). Well, I changed my opinion and here you are on my political blog. I understood that after so many years it would take much more to compromise my view of you. I am NO ONE to judge. I am no God, I do not pretend to be all-knowing either.

Whenever you feel like you want to read me, I suggest you to be in the right state of mind (open-mindedness, humility, lust for knowledge, possibility of strong feelings). You are allowed to feel, to release your emotions. You need to question. I do not need your justification because I already know you for so many other things. A justification does not change anything. I still invite you to read my articles for all these reasons, even the ones on veganism because you have nothing to lose, and to maybe reread my article about radicalism with another point of view. I actually have many ideas that are not directly related to this topic and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Click on “Continue reading” to see what I think of ignorance in a concise article. It was one of the first ones I wrote.

There are basically 5 reasons why people are not vegan, and I will cover (shortly, I promise) each of them in separate articles.

  1. Habit
  2. Ignorance

Ignorance is not a crime. Being uninformed or misinformed about something is understandable and does not make a person bad. The guilt linked to our inner compassion makes us feel attacked when being told we are “misinformed”, while I myself could list you plenty of topics I am ignorant in. It is important to let go of our personal feelings – the ego – and humbly accept that we know less about a subject than some people who invest much more of their time and effort in researching them. I also advocate lifelong learning, which is why I believe it is natural that one’s opinions change over time. And that’s completely fine.

Ignorance is in fact the most widely spread reason, and the hardest to overcome. Most nowadays vegans had to do it at some point in their life, and it was easy for none of them. Learning the truth also takes a lot of emotional effort and it requires overcoming the speciesist propaganda of our capitalist society.

However, freedom of speech and access to all information has also never been easier. Once you make the first step, your mind will open up to many possibilities that seemed unreachable before and you will truly feel free/freed.

Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It’s about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life.


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