I believe everyone has a contribution to make, to people, or to some part of the world, and this blog may be my small one. I love our planet, the universe, and every creature in it, and there are limitless dimensions of this world that fascinate me and that I want to explore on this blog. I didn’t grow up in a particularly open-minded environment, but my own life experience and critical thinking taught me to open myself to many new colourful aspects of life, and I invite you to do the same. I hope each of my post will be a spark to you as well, to better understand the world we live in, to think independently and to grow up as a human being.

You are totally free to disagree with my opinions, but my intention is not to open up a debate here, only in your own mind. The topics will include information and my thoughts on some political or philosophical aspects of daily life, society issues that affect or interest me, and probably many controversial topics.